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Watermark Residential

Watermark Residential scheme in East London - Canal side living by Aitch Group


  • Creative Direction
  • Visualisation
  • Immersive VR Tour
Ninety90 WM Exterior Render 1
The extra mile, the nth degree, however you refer to it, we go there.
Ninety90 Watermark Living Vingettes

Details of living space

Residential Scheme

Watermark e8 residential scheme East London. Development by Aitch Group, architecture by Buckley Grey Yeoman. Comprising of 1, 2 and 3 bed apartments on top of 3 floors of commercial space.

Project constituted of 8 interior views and a set of detail shots to highlight the high spec details of the spaces. Art and Lighting direction guided by ourselves to make the most of the bright inviting spaces.

As part of further development of the scheme we produce a set of VR tours to highlight the size of the varying apartments.

As part of the package of images also commissioned was a set of aerial views showing this site in situ of the local area. The was produced using specialist drone photography. Also allowing us to achieve accurate representations of the views from the apartment windows - also a key aspect required by the client to sell the space.

Ninety90 Watermark Interior Render 1
Ninety90 Watermark Chalk

Watermark - Chalk lighting test

Vignettes are a great way of teasing a potential development. A handy asset to use in social media campaigns aiding engagement. Showing details worth noting or simply building a journey through a space.

Ninety90 Watermark Bedroom Vingettes
Ninety90 Watermark Bedroom Render 2

Watermark Bedroom

Ninety90 Watermark Terrace

Watermark Terrace view