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Printworks Presshall Rework

Part of the Canada Water masterplan. Home to printing presses for national newspapers including the Daily Mail and iconic events venue, this site has gone through many proposed uses over the years. Here are our ideas for a green multi-use office space.


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Ninety90 Printworks Presshall Render 02
"A creative life is an amplified life. ...

In the early stages of design we were tasked with producing concept images for a multi-use workspace and co-working lab within the former press hall. The concept was based around repurposed industrial warehouse spaces. Focusing on a sense of wellness and community. Large scale planting was a key factor in providing private, more secluded areas. Existing details retained and incorporated to link the heritage to the next iteration of the space.

Ninety90 Printworks Presshall Render 03
Ninety90 Printworks Presshall Render 01

Home to the printing presses to a number of newspapers over the years. This printhall with original features makes for an impressive atrium spaces. Private meeting pods and tropical planting to promote wellness.