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Panagram, Clerkenwell

Situated 27 Goswell Road, Panagram is 52,000 Ft² of beautifully remodelled, retro-fitted office space, re-imagined by renowned architects Buckley Gray Yeoman.


  • Creative Direction
  • Visualisation
N90 Panagram Render 01
Inspiring and provoking imagery to convey your ideas.
N90 Panagram Render 03

27 Goswell Road - Entrance at night

Panagram, 27 Goswell Road

Situated in Clerkenwell between Shoreditch and the West End, the lovely restyled building by Buckley Grey Yeoman, brings life and style to the area. Large open floor places and generous ceiling height flood light into the spaces. Indoor trees add a welcoming vibrancy to the communal areas.

Panagram had a distinctive CATA finish with excellent floor‑to‑ceiling heights and spaces flooded with natural light. Linked ground and lower ground views, like this one of the bespoke wooden staircase; are a great way of showcasing spilt level units.

N90 Panagram Render 02
N90 Panagram Render 05

Panagram, typical office floor

N90 Panagram Render 04

Panagram terrace views