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Canada Water Public Spaces

Canada Water Plot A1 - Part of the master plan development by British Land, architects Allies and Morrison.


  • Creative Direction
  • Visualisation
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The extra mile, the nth degree, however you refer to it, we go there.
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Canada Water - Public Space

Canada Water

British Land and Southwark Council partner together to develop The Canada Water Masterplan. With the aim to create an outstanding new town centre for Southwark and London working with the local community, to make an active, positive, long-term investment to local life.

The Canada Water Masterplan comprises of 53 acres of new development, including homes, offices, shops, public spaces and facilities; providing jobs and responds to the Greater London Authority (GLA) and Southwark Council’s policy to deliver new homes and jobs at Canada Water.


The scale of this scheme has grown and changed over the last several years, most recently gaining unconditional planning approval May 2020. As such we have revisited this scheme several times through many stages of the planning application.

The existing site on Deal Porters Way, which is mainly carpark will be cleared to make way for affordable homes for local people; a sustainable scheme for the future. Facilities for the local community including new leisure facilites.

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Canada Water - Public Realm