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Canada Water

Canada Water Plot A1 - Part of the master plan development by British Land, architects Allies and Morrison.


  • Creative Direction
  • Visualisation
Ninety90 CWI Render 1
Ninety90 CWI Render 6
Ninety90 CWI Render 5
The possibilities are endless. Your imagination knows no bounds...
Ninety90 CWI Vingette 1

Canada Water - Lobby detail

Canada Water - Plot A1

Part of the Canada Water masterplan by British land, on the side of Canada Water dock. Plot A1, broken up into 35 storeys of residential and a 5 storey mixed use commercial block.

The space incorporates nods to the dock side heritage of the area, using a broad mix of industrial materials. The scale of the building shown in the vast communal lobby, in which several view points were required to highlight the uniqueness of the space.

Work, play, collaboration and space.

Ninety90 CWI Render 2
Ninety90 CWI Chalk 1

Canada Water - Chalk lighting test

All in the details... vignettes from around the lobby space. Communal area, co-working and café space.

Ninety90 CWI Vingette 2
Ninety90 CWI Render 3

Canada Water - Light well

Ninety90 CWI Render 7
Ninety90 CWI Render 8
Ninety90 CWI Render 4

Canada Water - Lobby space